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Salford Tales Part 1

In October 2010, 17 members of the SSO took part in a music and drama project with members of the BBC Philharmonic and professional actors.

The Project was a dark but moving drama based on the real life stories of people living and working in Salford, including teenagers, binmen and firefighters.

Who or what are your monsters? What monsters, both real and imagined, haunt the every day lives of ordinary people? These are some of the questions we asked a variety of people living and working in Salford. Following her research, Di Sherlock wrote Salford Tales to reflect some of these stories. 

Matthew Barley has worked with members of the Salford Symphony Orchestra and BBCPO musicians to create an original soundscape to accompany them. The narrative was punctuated by extracts from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.

After a week of evening rehearsals, the piece was performed live at the Bridgewater, as a pre-performance BBCPO event to HK Gruber's Frankenstein.

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The piece was later recorded for Radio, in BBC Studio 7 at the BBC on Oxford Road.

*Reproduced by kind permission of the BBC Philharmonic