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Salford Symphony recorded light orchestral music at the BBC Studio 7 on 26th June 2011, as part of Radio 3's Light Fantastic festival.

Our contribution to the festival included:

Suite of English Folk-Dances - Ernest Tomlinson

Jenny Pluck Pears*

Ten Pound Lass*

Dick's Maggot*


Hunt the Squirrel*


Coronation Scot - Vivian Ellis*

Butterflies in the Rain - Sherman Myers (broadcast on Radio 3 on Wednesday 29th June 2011)*

We also recorded our contribution to the "Archers" Theme tune (Arthur Wood's Barwick Green) as part of Radio 3's Light Fantastic 'mega-mix' performance.

Barwick Green - Salford Symphony*

This was a project where Radio 3 invited a number of amateur orchestras to record the Archers theme. Following this, each recording was mixed with the contributions from other orchestras, into a "mega-mix".

Barwick Green "mega-mix" - Arthur Wood (broadcast on Radio 3 on Thursday 30th June 2011)*

* Reproduced by kind permission of BBC Radio 3