Membership Fees

Please note membership fees will be due in September. 

£100 and £50 for students.

Here are the Orchestra's bank details:

Name: Salford Symphony Orchestra

Account Number: 53691724

Sort Code: 608371

Members Login

Email Dave if you do not know how to login.



Free Email Address

A lot of personal email addresses usually end-up being a bit of a compromise between what you would like and what addresses are available. Which is why a lot of email addresses look like “”.

Also people tend to change their email addresses when they change their Internet Service Provider, which could result in losing emails from family and friends.

Why not have an email address which says more about you than AOL or Hotmail ever could?

Your email address would look like "", where “name” could be anything, providing another orchestra member hasn't beaten you to it!

This will be a POP3 email account and can be linked to any email packages you currently use, like Outlook.

One you we have set up your account, emails sent to this account can be redirected to other accounts.

You can access your emails anywhere in the world on any computer, via webmail.

I’m not aware of any other amateur orchestra that provides this service.

Please let me know whether you would be interested in a Salford Symphony email address.







The content of this web site does not necessarily reflect the views of the Salford Symphony Orchestra committee members, members of the Orchestra or anybody associated with the orchestra.

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